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Out and About: Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Minnesota offers lots of sites and places to experience and I have barely seen half of them for myself.  I have been getting tired of seeing the same thing and walking the same paths so it is time to get out and explore the world around me.  First starting around Minnesota and hopefully more around the United States and the world one day.  Of course, I will be dragging along my partner in crime and maybe more people at times.  I am so excited to start sharing with everyone my new blog series Out and About.

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

3675 Arboretum Drive, Chaska MN 55318  Website


Selfie in Front of Hydrangea Tree

Selfie in Front of Hydrangea Tree

The original plan was to go and take a walk around Centennial Lakes Park in Edina but Dan and I decided it was time to get out of our comfort zone and go a little further away from home.  From Roseville, Minnesota we hit the road and about 45 minutes later we arrived at our destination.  There was a small line up at the entrance visitor center but after a quick swipe of the credit card and $24 dollars (price for two adults) we were on our way.  Parking was a little challenging because it is a very popular attraction and currently they are featuring an Art Crawl currently so that was drawing in more traffic also.  We didn’t take the time to go through the Art Crawl but there appeared to be some great booths in the area.

There was so many different paths and directions to go, we got to experience a lot of different plants and sculptures.  There were beautiful flowers, a fragrant herb garden, the David Roger’s Big Bugs sculptures scattered throughout the gardens.  This is a great place to explore with a family, together with your significant other or even on your own.  With miles and miles of trails you can discover many amazing things and experience wildlife, we even came across some wild baby turkeys on our walk.


Next time we visit I think we will pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a nice little lunch in one of the picnic shelters on the property.  I would also like to go on the Three-Mile Drive tour so I am not required to drive it but still can enjoy it.  It would also be nice to bring bikes or go for a walk on the Three-Mile drive when we are built up for longer walks.


The place is going to look amazing come fall time and I hope that we can go back at that time.  The numbers of trees that will be in bright fall colors is going to be absolutely beautiful, we hope that we will get to bring Dan’s kids along with us also.  I am sure they will have some awesome fall things going on when that time comes around.  They do offer memberships and that is probably something we will look into next year.

Overall Experience: 4/5

Overall, we had an amazing day and enjoyed our time out and about in nature.  I would recommend that you bring along a water bottle or beverages of your own if you plan a visit.  The pricing on beverages seems to be a little steep with the vending machine offering a can of Diet Coke for $1.00 and in the Cafe a bottle of soda was $1.79.  The price of $12 might seem a little steep when you first look into going, but, you will soon find out that it is well worth the funds for all the things you get to experience.  Just remember to wear some good walking shoes, none of the paths were too difficult to walk but there are some big hills in places.

Pokemon Go Rating: 2.5 Pokeballs

There was a big hype on the amount of Pokemon you could find out here but we did not find that many rare Pokemon that we didn’t already have.  We were able to catch quite a few Doduos wondering around which allowed us to collect quite a few but not enough to evolve them.  There are tons of pokestops so you never have to worry about running out of pokeballs and with two gyms at the location you are even able to do some battling.  I wish that I had found some of the Pokemon that people had said were out in that area but overall I wasn’t too disappointed because it was a good time.




  • Falon August 16, 2016 at 11:45 am

    This seems like a pretty cool and unique place! I love finding new places in the neighborhood!

    • apositivejessica August 16, 2016 at 1:09 pm

      It is so much fun, I can’t wait to discover more. 🙂

  • Shann Eva August 16, 2016 at 11:50 am

    It looks like a beautiful place. My boys would love those giant bug sculptures. Hope you go back in Fall and take some more pictures!

    • apositivejessica August 16, 2016 at 1:08 pm

      I totally will, Fall is one of the best times of the year here in Minnesota.


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